We Believe Beautiful Skin starts with Healthy Skin

Halcyon Topical’s journey starts with our founder, Daniel Macris, a man who spends his time (and the last 20 years) developing plant-based medicines to treat pain, digestion problems, autoimmune diseases, and even depression. As an advocate for true botanical products and effective therapeutic properties within them, he naturally grew thousands of like-minded supporters both locally and nationally!

During an afternoon conversation, a client in dermatology said she had been applying Daniel’s pain cream on her face for wrinkles. After 1 month of this, she saw a huge reduction in her crows feet and hash tag wrinkles. Her testimony sparked an interest in studying anti-aging properties and soon after his view on skin care products completely transformed.

His combination of complex botanical blends and medical grade delivery systems had inadvertently created skin care products that were both highly effective and plant-based. With this discovery and his 20 years of lab experience, it’s our goal to create a revolutionary skin care line to raise the bar for skin care products that work. With a completely transformed view on botanical skincare, we believe that beautiful skin starts with healthy skin!

Questions? Your journey towards healthier skin is our priority.